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RSVP Family Studies & Consumer Sciences Meeting

Date:   October 27, 2017
Time:   Meeting time: 9:00am -12:00pm
Location:   VIRTUAL
Agenda:   View Agenda

If you need to make a change to your RSVP, please contact AZTransfer staff: helena@aztransfer.com.

This page is a view only list of the RSVPs for the meeting. In a separate email, you should have received the link for submitting your RSVP.

12 Member Responses
  Yes = 12     No = 0
In Person = 1   Remotely = 11   Alternate = 0
Contact Attending In Person
Katherine Antonucci, ASU YES Remotely
Denise Barnard, ASU YES Remotely
Melissa Behunin, AWC YES Remotely
Melissa Busby, Central YES Remotely
Stacie Foster, ASU YES In Person
Annapurna Ganesh, Mesa YES Remotely
Darin Knapp, UA YES Remotely
Alverta McKenzie, PC YES Remotely
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer YES Remotely
Alicia Smith, South Mtn YES Remotely
Kristen Swanson, NAU YES Remotely
Sarah Wieland, UA YES Remotely

2 Meeting Comment(s)
2017-09-27 00:15:32 Etc/GMT
Nancy Spaulding
Yes. Remotely.
2017-10-27 14:58:25 Etc/GMT
Nancy Spaulding
I logged in a while ago and indicated I would be at the meeting today from my location in Tucson.
Pending Responses
    Evonne Bowling, Mesa
    Char Brandom, PC
    Sheena Brown, UA
    Joni Burris, CGCC
    Judy Carpenter (Basham), Glendale
    Christie Colunga, PVCC
    Jennifer Gresko, Rio Salado
    Elaine Groggett, AWC
    Nicole Hampton, NAU
    Gayle Haro, Central
    Rene Manning, Rio Salado
    Aryca Marron, AWC
    Michael Nolan, Pima
    Christine Osgood, Mesa
    Clay Peden, Central
    Amanda Potts, Central
    Matthew Ransom, ASU
    Michael Roberts, NAU
    Patti Schlosberg, Yavapai
    Dennita Sewell, ASU
    Nancy Spaulding, Pima
    Ana Stigsson, PVCC
    Debbie Tucker, ASU
    Peter Turner, Estrella