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RSVP Humanities Meeting

Date:   October 13, 2017
Time:   Meeting time: 10:00am - 2:00pm Andrea Cracchiolo Library Building Room 901
Location:   Cochise- Sierra Vista
Agenda:   View Agenda

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26 Member Responses
  Yes = 18     No = 8
In Person = 6   Remotely = 12   Alternate = 4
Contact Attending In Person
Janine Adkins, Rio Salado NO NO
Mark Boggie, Cochise YES In Person
Roman Briggs, Cochise YES In Person
Colleen Carscallen, Coconino YES In Person
Edison Cassadore, TOCC YES Remotely
Albert Celoza, PC NO NO
Brandon Cleworth, Glendale YES Remotely
James Corbeille, ASU NO Alternate
Mary Coyle, Cochise YES In Person
Kolette Draegan, Central NO Alternate
David Finley, CGCC NO NO
Rodney Freeman, Estrella YES Remotely
Danielle Gervasio, NAU YES Remotely
Alyson Hanson, Central YES In Person
Heidi Heckman, Mohave YES Remotely
Julie Holston, South Mtn YES Remotely
Ryan Jones, Northland YES Remotely
Walter Keithley, Mesa YES Remotely
Robert Kiec, ASU NO Alternate
Mirna Lattouf, ASU YES Remotely
Louis Mendoza, ASU YES Remotely
Michael Parker, Pima YES Remotely
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer NO Alternate
Suzanne Waldenberger, Yavapai YES Remotely
Don Whitesinger, Dine YES In Person
Gary Zaro, PVCC NO NO

6 Meeting Comment(s)
2017-09-11 21:08:56 Etc/GMT
Sheila White
I will be attending the Humanities meeting.
2017-09-11 22:06:35 Etc/GMT
Robert Kiec
Alternate: null
2017-09-11 22:22:45 Etc/GMT
James Corbeille
Alternate: null
2017-09-12 16:03:37 Etc/GMT
Kelly Robles
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2017-09-14 14:35:06 Etc/GMT
Kolette Draegan
Alternate: null
2017-10-02 20:27:48 Etc/GMT
Colleen Carscallen
I will be attending remotely, but will need to leave early for another meeting at 1:00pm
Pending Responses
    Lucy Berchini, ASU
    Alex Brown, ASU
    Carlos Caire, South Mtn
    Albert Celoza, PC
    Linda Chappel, TOCC
    Jacob Crawford, Mohave
    Brian Davis, Scottsdale
    Tanaya Dempsey, ASU
    Maggie Golston, Pima
    Angelica Gonzalez, AWC
    Donald Hall, GWC
    Darryl Hattenhauer, ASU
    Matthew Hernando, Coconino
    Carol Johnson, Central
    Tatiana Keeling, Central
    Catherine Kerrey, ASU
    Cien Luke, AZTransfer
    Jacqueline Martinez, ASU
    Leeda Nayibzada, ASU
    Alex O'Meara, Cochise
    Tyler Record, ASU
    Duane Roen, ASU
    Pamela Stewart, ASU
    James Wermers, ASU
    Sheila White, Dine
    Jennifer Wiley, Pima