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RSVP History Meeting

Date:   October 13, 2017
Time:   Meeting time: 10:00am - 12:30pm Meeting on 3rd Floor
Location:   Dine - Tsaile campus
Agenda:   View Agenda

If you need to make a change to your RSVP, please contact AZTransfer staff: cien@aztransfer.com.

This page is a view only list of the RSVPs for the meeting. In a separate email, you should have received the link for submitting your RSVP.

21 Member Responses
  Yes = 15     No = 6
In Person = 6   Remotely = 9   Alternate = 5
Contact Attending In Person
Janine Adkins, Rio Salado NO NO
Donna Allen, Glendale YES In Person
Robert Bergman, Central YES In Person
Ben Berry, Cochise YES Remotely
Kenneth Dale, AWC NO Alternate
Michele Devine, ASU NO Alternate
Amy Grey, Northland YES In Person
Jonathan Hammon, Mohave YES Remotely
Derek Thiam Soon Heng, NAU YES In Person
Monica Ketchum, AWC YES Remotely
Mark Klobas, Scottsdale YES Remotely
Patrick Lukens, Eastern YES Remotely
Randal Munsen, Pima NO Alternate
Debra Neill, ASU YES Remotely
Eric Nystrom, ASU YES Remotely
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer NO Alternate
Dave Rudakewich, Coconino NO Alternate
Julia Sarreal, ASU YES Remotely
Amy Stein, Yavapai YES In Person
Jeremy Vetter, UA YES In Person
Margarita Youngo, Pima YES Remotely

5 Meeting Comment(s)
2017-09-14 15:36:07 Etc/GMT
Kelly Robles
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2017-09-14 17:53:47 Etc/GMT
Randal Munsen
Alternate: Margie Youngo
2017-09-16 17:04:26 Etc/GMT
Kenneth Dale
Alternate: Monica Ketchum
2017-09-20 16:11:50 Etc/GMT
Dave Rudakewich
Alternate: Dr. Kimberly Batty-Herbert
2017-10-04 14:02:10 Etc/GMT
Michele Devine
Alternate: Katherine Antoucci
Pending Responses
    Dawn Beeson, ASU
    Marius Begay, Dine
    Monika Bilka, CGCC
    Michael Canby, ASU
    Summer Cherland, South Mtn
    James Corbeille, ASU
    Thomas Finger, NAU
    John Frasure, Estrella
    Ron Geronimo, TOCC
    Vaswati Ghosh, PVCC
    Angelica Gonzalez, AWC
    Elaine Groggett, AWC
    Andrew Hassard, Northland
    Matthew Hernando, Coconino
    Paul Hietter, Mesa
    Catherine Kerrey, ASU
    Robert Kiec, ASU
    Brian King, Dine
    Charles Levine, Mesa
    Cien Luke, AZTransfer
    Jacqueline Martinez, ASU
    Phillip Miguel, TOCC
    Eric Oberle, ASU
    Rebecca Orozco, Cochise
    Katherine Osburn, ASU
    Paul Petrequin, CGCC
    Todd Pinnt, AWC
    Debbie Roberts, Yavapai
    Hava Samuelson, ASU
    Kathy Silberman, Maricopa
    Randall Skinner, Eastern
    Aubrei Smith, Glendale
    Michael Suchowierski, Mohave
    Ty Welborn, PC