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RSVP Engineering Meeting

Date:   October 06, 2017
Time:   Meeting time: 10:00am -2:00pm
Location:   Yavapai College - CTEC site Prescott
Agenda:   View Agenda

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20 Member Responses
  Yes = 18     No = 2
In Person = 13   Remotely = 5   Alternate = 2
Contact Attending In Person
James Baygents, UA YES In Person
James Collofello, ASU YES Remotely
Russell Cox, Mohave YES In Person
Richard Cuprak, Rio Salado YES In Person
Tim Frank, Glendale YES In Person
Jeremy Helm, ASU YES In Person
Philip Martinez, Coconino NO Alternate
Clyne Namuo, Cochise YES In Person
Tom Palmer, Eastern YES In Person
Rick Peters, Yavapai YES In Person
Frank Pinnell, Northland YES In Person
Angela Poland, Yavapai YES In Person
Marisa Pope-Malings, UA YES Remotely
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer NO Alternate
Joseph Russo, AWC YES Remotely
Patti Schlosberg, Yavapai YES In Person
Alexander Shayevich, Pima YES Remotely
John Tester, NAU YES In Person
Clark Vangilder, Central YES Remotely
Carl Whitesel, South Mtn YES In Person

3 Meeting Comment(s)
2017-09-06 21:23:50 Etc/GMT
Kelly Robles
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2017-10-04 21:27:41 Etc/GMT
H Babiski
Tom Palmer will now be attending remotely
2017-10-05 16:50:45 Etc/GMT
Philip Martinez
Alternate: Doug Fitzpatrick
Pending Responses
    Cody Anderson, Scottsdale
    Michelle Breaux, Estrella
    Kisha Calbert, Pima
    Casey Durandet, PVCC
    Angelica Gonzalez, AWC
    Paul Gremillion, NAU
    Elaine Groggett, AWC
    Joan Jorgensen, Cochise
    Kenneth Keith, Northland
    Wesley King, Northland
    Silvia Kolchens, Pima
    Cien Luke, AZTransfer
    Oleksandr Makeyev, Dine
    Bassam Matar, CGCC
    Joseph McCollough, UA
    Hesam Moghaddam, NAU
    Iordanis Moustakidis, AWC
    Eddie Ong, PC
    Kelly Ratliff, UA
    Jim Sizemore, Mesa
    Rick Vaughn, Rio Salado
    David Weaver, Estrella