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RSVP Business Meeting

Date:   September 15, 2017
Time:   Meeting time: 9:00am - 1:00pm Combined lunch w/ CIS 12:00pm -1:00pm McCord Hall Room 422 (450 E. Lemon St. Tempe)
Location:   ASU Main Campus
Agenda:   View Agenda

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This page is a view only list of the RSVPs for the meeting. In a separate email, you should have received the link for submitting your RSVP.

33 Member Responses
  Yes = 26     No = 7
In Person = 24   Remotely = 2   Alternate = 6
Contact Attending In Person
Maria Bailey Benson, South Mtn YES In Person
Mark Barton, Scottsdale YES In Person
Jennifer Bishop, Northland YES In Person
Edmund Bushman, Yavapai YES In Person
Teresa Campbell, Pima YES In Person
Tracy Chase, Northland NO Alternate
Cindy Cloud, PC YES In Person
Vaun Day, Central YES Remotely
Christopher Demaline, Central YES Remotely
Margarita Fate, Cochise NO Alternate
Mike Fox, Eastern YES In Person
Linda Friedel, Central YES In Person
Adam Gifford, Coconino NO Alternate
Barbara Gonzalez, South Mtn YES In Person
Heidi Hutchins, GWC NO NO
Juanita Irvin, Dine NO Alternate
Erik Jones, Mohave YES In Person
Ed Knecht, Coconino YES In Person
Marc Lafond, AWC YES In Person
Cathy Laganosky, Cochise YES In Person
Brenda Maynard, PC YES In Person
King Mike, Dine NO Alternate
Sylvia Ong, Estrella YES In Person
Anne Pagel, UA YES In Person
Rakesh Pangasa, NAU YES In Person
Michele Pfund, ASU YES In Person
Gina Pinch, Rio Salado YES In Person
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer NO Alternate
Scott Stroher, Glendale YES In Person
Richard Toler, Mesa YES In Person
(Sylvia) Annette Torrey, GWC YES In Person
Kevin Trainor, NAU YES In Person
Anthony Valenzuela, UA YES In Person

8 Meeting Comment(s)
2017-08-21 19:30:21 Etc/GMT
Kelly Robles
Alternate: AZTransfer Facilitator
2017-08-30 18:39:31 Etc/GMT
Margarita Fate
Alternate: Kathy Laganosky
2017-08-31 17:53:13 Etc/GMT
Tracy Chase
Alternate: Jennifer Bishop
2017-09-06 22:38:06 Etc/GMT
King Mike
Sending alternate for the AZ Articulation, Dine College Faculty - Rosalind Smith. Thank you.
2017-09-07 15:58:00 Etc/GMT
Juanita Irvin
Alternate: Rosalind Smith
2017-09-07 15:58:44 Etc/GMT
King Mike
Alternate: Rosalind Smith
2017-09-08 16:31:10 Etc/GMT
Adam Gifford
Alternate: Ed Knecht
2017-09-14 23:07:26 Etc/GMT
H Babiski
Maria Benson is unable to attend
Pending Responses
    Carie Allen, Mesa
    Bradley Baird, AWC
    Lynn Clark, PVCC
    Jennie Conway, Pima
    Lily Davidov, Rio Salado
    Clarissa Davis-Ragland, Estrella
    Timothy Foster, TOCC
    Angelica Gonzalez, AWC
    Elaine Groggett, AWC
    Gayle Haro, Central
    Carolyn Hirata, ASU
    Kathy Hunter, CGCC
    Terry Lovell, Yavapai
    Cien Luke, AZTransfer
    Kat Manton-Jones, Pima
    Eric Mapp, UA
    Bruce McHenry, South Mtn
    John Miller, Pima
    Roy Nelson, ASU
    Pam Perry, UA
    Sue Sandblom, Scottsdale
    Bhaskar Singh, Mohave
    Randall Skinner, Eastern
    Stacy Smith, PVCC
    Amanda Smith, AWC
    Alex Steenstra, NAU
    Greg Swan, CGCC
    Kendra Swensen, Glendale
    Susanne Trimbath, Cochise
    Neal Wade, TOCC
    Sarah Wieland, UA