ATF Meeting Report
Ethnic Studies
October 20, 2017   Pima Community College, Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room

Originator: Kat Manton-Jones
Submitter: Kat Manton-Jones  
Date Created: 10/24/2017           Date Submitted: 11/02/2017           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   AZTransfer Staff   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   DinĂ© College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Northern Arizona University   Pima Community College   Tohono O'odham Community College   University of Arizona    
Virtual Attendance : NAU & ASU were represented in person and remotely. Mesa & Chandler-Gilbert CC were represented remotely.  
Next Fall Meeting Date : Fri, Nov 9, 2018  
Meeting Time : 10:00am - 2:00pm  
Location : Hosted by ASU West  
Meeting Type : Hybrid (both In Person and Online)  
Meeting Chair : Monica Ketchum, AWC  
Meeting Host : Gloria Cuadra, ASU West  
Spring Meeting Information : Fri, March 23, 2018
Host: Anna O'Leary, UofA.
Chair: Gloria Cuadraz, ASU
Facilitator: Helena Babiski, AZTransfer  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : CCM is under review and will be discussed at the Spring meeting. Discussion as to whether to have a CCM that 1) mirrors Languages with Discipline columns only 2) appears like Theatre which has a course(s)that all Ethnic Studies students should take as best preparation for the Bachelor's degrees and an Electives Matrix with distinct columns for the discipline areas or 3) something altogether distinct.  
Changes to Common Courses : n/a  
Changes to Exam Matrix : n/a  
AGEC Information : n/a  
Record of the Votes : Vote: Ethnic Studies should include only the degrees listed in Criterion 1 of the "Request to Establish a New ATF" document.
Other degrees can be listed but should be confined to Mexican American, American Indian, African American, and Asian American/Pacific Islander Studies as stated in the Rationale/Justification given in the "Request to Establish a New ATF" document.
Issues Raised : Does the current AZTransfer voting policy for the ATFs serve the structure of the Ethnic Studies ATF where four disciplines are represented?
Curriculum Planning : ASU: Add: Bachelor of Arts: Social and Cultural Analysis to the University Degree list.
ASU: Add Prefixes ETH and HRC.

NAU: AIS as a prefix is not simply American Indian Studies. It is also representative of Indigenous Studies and Applied Indigenous Studies. This corresponds directly to names of courses and, most importantly, reflects the discipline, which is AIS/NAS/IS

CAC college course prefixes?  
CEG changes :  
ASSIST Report Comments : Report should reflect only the degrees that fall within the definition of Ethnic Studies as defined in the "Record of Votes" section above. Request to remove degrees that do not fall under the given parameters.  
Other Comments : 1) Does the Ethnic Studies description on the Major Guides page need to be reviewed and edited?
2) CCs tasked to send their Ethnic Studies programs to Universities representatives by December break.
3) Universities will review ES programs at CCs to propose courses for the CCM at the Spring meeting in March.
4) Not all language requirements can be met in the first two years because they are not offered at the CC. Some language requirements can only be met at the CC because the language(s) is not offered at the University.  

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