State Meeting Report
Journalism and New Media Studies
October 07, 2016   Rio Salado Upstairs Conf Room

Originator: Gaye Bumsted Perry
Submitter: Gaye Bumsted Perry  
Date Created: 12/19/2016           Date Submitted: 12/19/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   Dine Community College   Eastern Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Pima Community College   Tohono O'odham Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai Community College    
Meeting Minutes : 1. Welcome and Introductions (Helen Stephenson)
A. Record attendance both in person, virtual, and any guests (Gaye)
B. Confirm virtual participants are connected via phone and Adobe None

Yuri Makino - Film/TV U of A
Helen Stephenson - Film & Media Arts Yavapai College
Brad Longwell -Journalism ASU
Glen Cashetta -Media Communication EAC
Patti Garzliner - Digital Arts - PCC
Cynthia Lancaster - Journalism PCC
Brad Pease Media - Arts AWC
David Cuillier - Journalism U of A
Sheila White- Dine College
Jenna Duncan -Maricopa/Glendale
Gaye Bumsted Perry - Tohono O?odham Community College

2. Identify Note Taker (Helen Stephenson)

3. Review of meeting minutes from 2015 (Helen)(Approved unanimously)

4. AZTransfer Statewide Update (Gaye Bumsted Perry)

5. College and University Course Prefixes Review (Gaye)
No changes

6. Course Equivalency Guide Review (Gaye)
A. From the ATF Dashboard, under the list of College Course Prefixes, review each institution's CEG page by prefix.
B. Scan the courses listed to confirm that nothing is missing. If courses are not listed, faculty should work with their Institutional Facilitator to have that course submitted through ACETS for evaluation. Facilitators: record any discrepancies in the meeting report.

7. Common Course Matrices Review (Gaye)
A. Review the Matrices listed on the ATF Dashboard
B. Are the courses listed on the Common Courses section of the matrix required for the university degrees listed above? If not, should they be re-categorized as Electives?
C. The Matrix Change Report lists any changes which were approved in the past year.

8. Exams for Credit Review (Gaye)

Most folks did not know enough about this. Gaye said this is something they are working on.

9. Curricular Updates (Helen)
A. Update on university general education requirements (Lead members from each university)
B. Institutional updates for curriculum planning and anticipated program changes (Lead member from each institution)

10. Consider the following for discussion:

Last year the group wanted to consider separating Journalism from Film/Media. There was a decision not to move forward with that.

Other comments:

Visual Arts seems to be expanding into public media

AZ Transfer trying to meet the needs of the ATF?s

Visual communications,graphics, film, media and perhaps even video games

U of A Journalism - What they would like is a grounding in writing from community colleges ? digital is layered on top of it. We don't expect them to know video production. It would give them a head start.? What they really need are solid writing skills.

They start them from scratch at ASU Cronkite ? basic news writing, intro to journalism, mass communications. They also struggle with student?s writing skills. How can we present the basics of journalism, without going to a four year? Lots of students can't transfer their courses. Investigative reporting, covering civic, municipal happenings - newspapers were watchdogs. That is dying.

Some things noted:
No greeting in emails, not professional.

There is a dividing between the two and four year colleges. Are students going to transfer or even get in? They hit roadblocks & financial aid won't cover 3 more years.

While working up to bachelors, students want hands on? yet everyone wants them to have a foundation.

How can we work together better so students can easily transfer their classes? Helen asked, How can we as a group of Arizona colleges and universities serve our students better? If universities don?t accept core classes as transferable, that is discouraging for students. Financial aid won?t cover 5 years. What is the overarching goal for higher education in AZ? Graduates? Then core classes should be transferable. Students should have a choice. Currently NAU takes her FMA classes from YC as transferable into their communications/media program. She tells all her students to attend NAU. What if students don?t want to attend NAU? We are not giving them choices.

Editing programs: Premier and Avid, can we work together so AVID certified students from community colleges can transfer those classes?

Do you want to see the software in the syllabus? Having the syllabus and more detailed for the individuals you are speaking with.

Curriculum Coordinator copy of syllabus, provide additional information, Changes are rapid, so keeping universities syllabi in mind as you create your syllabi is important if you want them to transfer into program.

U of A and ASU journalism is separate from film and media

Transfer Advocacy Award nominations accepted January - March

It helps that we meet one-on-one

Research if they finish their AJEC it will help them get bachelors

Developmental education need is nation-wide

50% of students are in developmental education

Finishing the degrees help success rates

Increase of transfer students getting baccalaureate degrees 17.5% increase

Look at prefixes

Email codes prefixes, to Gaye for input

Check for accuracy ? course descriptions, etc.

If there is new information please re-submit. Especially significant changes, software updates

Yavapai FMA 102 approved for transfer to U of A.

Testing out of classes for Film FMP at ASU takes test and submit a film

Increase in exams for credit

Military students are wanting credits for work experience. How do you tell what people?s competencies are? Colorado working on this, moving to a state-wide system. What records are needed? Who evaluates? What is the rubric? Mandated by their legislature. How do you know if you met the learning outcomes? This is another pressure added on this.

Avid newsroom incorporated with Digital arts coming more into digital film, bridging us all together

ASU split journalism school split.

Cross over with Fine Arts in film and media arts

The only reason to split is if we had so many issues to talk about that one area was getting the time it needed but at this point not happening.


We would like AZ Transfer to speak with the chair of Fine Arts AZ Transfer Meeting for 2017. Film/Media/Journalism would like to meet on the same day and same location. One meeting in the morning, overlap for lunch discussion, second meeting in the afternoon. Please see if they would like to meet on the same day.

Model like education people have done -- early childhood and then education

Helen will follow up on this

Social Media Journalism MKT 210 or 110

It's about public relations Writing for the web, incorporates social media writing for on-line media.

Images Facebook Awareness

Ideas ? Separate ATF for Film/Media/Arts Animation, Film, TV, Radio, Web, Video Game Development

Suggestions -

What is digital arts

High School student film completion ? note::::::

Pre and Post tests for each class

Check on ATF tests

11. ATF Meeting Wrap-up (ATF Chair)
A. Record ATF decisions
B. Identify items to follow up on before the next meeting and specify lead people for those items
C. Identify specific issues to bring to forward to AZTransfer
D. Suggested agenda items for next meeting
E. Plan the next Fall meeting
1. Chair/Co-chairs (institution and specific individual)
2. Host (institution and specific individual)
3. Location
4. Date
5. Time
Chair: Helen Stephenson
Host: Jenna Duncan
Location: Glendale CC
Time: Joint meeting with Fine Arts (Art Visual Communication)similar to what EDU & ECE did in 2016, with overlap at lunch with Journalism & Media AM and Art PM.


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