ATF Meeting Report
October 22, 2016   Mohave Community College- Kingman Campus

Originator: Jennifer Shumway
Submitter: Jennifer Shumway  
Date Created: 10/24/2016           Date Submitted: 10/24/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   AZTransfer Staff   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Mohave Community College   Northern Arizona University   Northland Pioneer College   Pima Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai College    
Virtual Attendance : Central, ASU  
Next Fall Meeting Date : 10/21/2017  
Meeting Time : 9am to Noon  
Location : Nogales UA facility  
Meeting Type : Hybrid (both In Person and Online)  
Meeting Chair : Duncan Shaeffer (ASU)  
Meeting Host : Dereka Rushbrook (UA)  
Spring Meeting Information : None  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : UA Update Urban Regional degree to say Urban and Regional  
Changes to Common Courses : UA change Intro Human course to GEOG 150B, Intro to GIS course to GEOG Dept. Elective (3) and Physical Geography course to GEOG 170A. MCCD change Intro to GIS course to GIS 205  
Changes to Exam Matrix : a. Human Geography AP exam
? Mohave: Elective Credit (3)
? Yavapai: GEO 105 (3)
b. Geography A level CIE exam
? ASU exam score D and E: GCU 102 (3) & GCU 194 (3)
? UA exam score D and E: GEOG Elective (6)
? Mohave exam score D and E: Elective (6)
c. Geography AS level CIE exam
? UA exam score D and E GEOG Elective (3)* also satisfies Tier 1 Indv/150
? Mohave exam score D and E: Elective (3)
d. Human/Cultural Geography DSST
? Items where NA was listed was changed to NT to align to our approved formatting
? Cochise: GEO (Geography Elective) (3)
? MCCCD: GCU 102 (3)
e. Geography IB exam
? Mohave: Elective (3)  
AGEC Information : No changes  
Record of the Votes : No votes required  
Issues Raised : There is a proposed ATF in Sustainability and any institution that is interested should contact Erin Saffell at Mesa CC.  
Curriculum Planning : Members will take exam credit consideration back to their faculty for review.  
CEG changes : None  
ASSIST Report Comments : None  
Other Comments : Institutional Updates included in minutes (attached)  

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