ATF Meeting Report
October 15, 2016   Mohave Community College- Lake Havasu

Originator: Jennifer Shumway
Submitter: Jennifer Shumway  
Date Created: 10/24/2016           Date Submitted: 10/24/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   AZTransfer Staff   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   Coconino Community College   DinĂ© College   Eastern Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Mohave Community College   Northern Arizona University   Northland Pioneer College   Pima Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai College    
Virtual Attendance : UA, Dine, ASU  
Next Fall Meeting Date : 10/14/2017  
Meeting Time : 10am - 2pm  
Location : Rio Salado College, Phoenix, AZ  
Meeting Type : Hybrid (both In Person and Online)  
Meeting Chair : Beth Kreuger, Cochise  
Meeting Host : Bob Semmler  
Spring Meeting Information : None  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : ASU Pam Marshall:
? new prefixes for the college FOR and ENV
? Also will be offering a Biology BS in Pharmacology and Toxicology with new Prefix PTX
? Kelly Steele ? ASU Polytech Campus ? ABS ? showing as a degree but not as a course prefix ? not new ? showing on lower page ? just double check.
B. Confirm that each prefix is still correct. Facilitators: record any proposed changes in the meeting report.
? Lisa UofA ? campus is trying to start a veterinary sciences program ? some course prefixes Vet Sci and Animal Sci combined into new prefix ACBS  
Changes to Common Courses : None  
Changes to Exam Matrix : Environmental Sciences AP exam ?
? Cochise change to 3 electives to align with everyone else

CLEP Biology
? Cochise currently lists 6 credits, that needs to be changed to 3 credits

? Maricopa said that they will align with the universities
? Eastern, Cochise, Central, Pima, Coconino will align
? Change question to asking if there is anyone who does NOT want to make the change and the only hold is on TOCC since they are not present and Dine because of trouble on the phone connection.
? So community colleges are changing to align with Universities

Cambridge Biology (CIE)
? A EXAM (Cambridge?s 2yr program)
? Arizona Western change to Bio 181&182 (8cr)
? Central also change to 181&182 (8cr)
? Mohave ? align
? NPC ? align 181&182
? Cochise ? align

? AS LEVEL ? discussion about this equivalency; recalling last year?s conversation and trying to remember what Laura (ASU) said last year ? several people looked back at notes and recall ASU recommending Bio 181 for the AS level although the screen is showing Bio 100 ? see below ASU again recommending Bio 181 for transfer.
? AWC ? noted that this exam was pushed at Penn State and they only accept C level not D level
? Continued conversation about whether the AS level should transfer as Bio 181 or as 100
? EAC AZ Western change E column to NT
? Cochise and Mohave ?D score 181 E score nothing
? Coconino ? NT for E score
? NPC ? Bio 181 and NT for E score
? Maricopa change E score to NT
? Dine change E score to NT
? ASU change to Bio 181
? Central changed to 181 and E score NT ?
More discussion and final changes reflect *everyone aligned with AS level transferring as 181

CIE Environmental Management AS
? Maricopa change to ENV 101 4cr and NT for E
? Pima, Yavapi, Cochise, NPC, Dine: all NT for both
? EAC ? E score NT
? Lisa UA ? currently counts as an elective in ENVS ? happy with that
? Central as ENV 101 (4cr lecture lab) and NT for E score
? Coconino (CCC) on the Elective (4cr) and NT for E score

o CIE A level Marine Science
? Lisa UA ? currently MCB is an elective for 8cr. Lisa will propose that UA award credit for the two 3 credit courses that they have in marine science: ECO 183 and Geoscience 243.
? Cochise - NT for both (no marine science classes)
? Yavapi - NT for both
? Pima ? changing back to Under Review until we hear back from UofA about their changes. Pima wants to align with UofA. UofA has a Bio 183 similar to Pima?s ECO 183 but other credits would be general elective credit.
? Mohave GLG 140 (Intro Marine Bio) and 4cr of elective. NT (4cr) for E score.
? EAC ? Department elective (4)
? ASU - Change E score to NT
? CCC - Bio dept elective (4) and NT for E score
? NPC - Bio dept elective (4) and NT for E score
? Quick conversation: If 2 year A level is going to transfer as 4 credits (when universities are taking it as 8 credits) then what are the community colleges going to accept for the A level? A few community colleges replied as below:
? Central ? Bio elective (4) and NT for E score
? AWC - same as NAU but IN courses? Bio 100IN (4) and Bio dept elective (4)
? Dine - NT for both

o CIE AS level
? Lisa UA ? Change to Under Review
? MCCD and Cochise ? Change E score to NT
? All universities: change E score to NT
? AWC ? Bio 100(4) and NT for E score
? Dine ? Change to NT for both
? Mohave ? GLG 140 (4) and NT for E score
? CCC ? NT for E score  
AGEC Information : None  
Record of the Votes : None  
Issues Raised : Nursing biology credits, see minutes (attached)  
Curriculum Planning : None  
CEG changes : None  
ASSIST Report Comments : ? New Transfers from Community College in Arizona up 16% also increase in Minority students
? Increase in AGEC up 58% since 2010
? BS degrees up 17.5% since 2010  
Other Comments : Institutional updates in minutes (attached)  

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