ATF Meeting Report
October 14, 2016   Scottsdale Community College - Social Behavioral Science Bldg SBE 144

Originator: Katherine Antonucci
Submitter: Katherine Antonucci  
Date Created: 10/19/2016           Date Submitted: 12/09/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   AZTransfer Staff   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   DinĂ© College   Eastern Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Mohave Community College   Northern Arizona University   Northland Pioneer College   Pima Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai College    
Virtual Attendance : Mohave, ASU, AWC, Yavapai  
Next Fall Meeting Date : Oct. 13, 2017  
Meeting Time : 10am - 12:30pm  
Location : Dine  
Meeting Type : Hybrid (both In Person and Online)  
Meeting Chair : Sue Warner, Central Arizona College  
Meeting Host : Brian King, Dine  
Spring Meeting Information :  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : Problem mentioned that none of the common courses are required for UA history degrees. Follow up needed  
Changes to Common Courses : Cochise - Western Civ I & II - change courses to HIS 243 & 244  
Changes to Exam Matrix : Multiple changes: European AP, US History AP, World History AP, US Hist 1 CLEP (including score of 56 or higher only), US History 2 CLEP (including score change of 56 or higher only), Social Science and History CLEP (multiple updates, including sore of 56 or higher only), Western Civ 1 CLEP (multiple changes, including score of 56 or higher only), Western Civ 2 CLEP (multiple changes, including score of 56 or higher only), Civil War DSST, Soviet Union DSST, Vietnam War DSST, Africa and Middle East IB (all schools need to review), American Hist IB, Hist East SE and Oceania IB, European IB  
AGEC Information :  
Record of the Votes :  
Issues Raised :  
Curriculum Planning :  
CEG changes :  
ASSIST Report Comments :  
Other Comments : Remove from college prefix list: MCCCD FUS, Mohave ANT, PCC AIS  

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