ATF Meeting Report
Family Studies & Consumer Sciences
October 14, 2016   Online

Originator: Jennifer Shumway
Submitter: Jennifer Shumway  
Date Created: 10/28/2016           Date Submitted: 10/28/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   Central Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Northern Arizona University   University of Arizona    
Virtual Attendance : All, meeting was virtual.  
Next Fall Meeting Date : 10/27/2017  
Meeting Time : 9-noon  
Location : Virtual  
Meeting Type : Virtual (Online or Teleconference)  
Meeting Chair : TBD, no volunteers so far  
Meeting Host : none  
Spring Meeting Information :  
No Data Changes : No Changes Needed  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : None, although ASU, NAU, UA and Pima will be getting together in the Spring to set up criteria for a new common course matrix for Fashion.  
Changes to Common Courses : None  
Changes to Exam Matrix : N/A  
AGEC Information : None  
Record of the Votes : N/A  
Issues Raised : The issue was raised that a separate common course matrix was necessary and a plan is in the works to build one in the spring to bring to the next ATF meeting in the fall.  
Curriculum Planning : ASU in process of adopting pre-major. Curricular changes for FACS: FAS101 (Personal growth and human relationships ? community colleges please develop an equivalency). Only offered at AWC (FAS160) and Maricopa (CFS112). AWC offered every semester. CFS112 Rio Salado started offering Fall 16. Phx College offers it every other semester in the evening, in Fall17 will be offered in person in am. ASU says it could be added to common course list if it was offered more often by more institutions. AWC maybe FAS160 (Close Relationships) could be aligned with Personal Growth and Human relationships. ARYCA AND DEBBIE WILL COMPARE SYLLABUS AND DETERMINE IF COURSE SHOULD BE SUBMITTED FOR CEG. Fashion is a focus area that lives under the liberal arts degree. Process of developing and implementing a new degree in fashion. Has been submitted to ABOR. Moving forward with development of courses. Faculty are submitting syllabi. Will reach out to Pima and Maricopa to ask them to submit courses for review and articulation. Developed with 2+2 model in mind. Many students in Pima and Maricopa and want to make a smooth transition. AWC no to retail, fashion, merchandising. Fashion design or fashion merchandising? Neither/both. It is intro classes in both areas required for both students (and other topics like textiles, construction, and illustration). Exposure to all different areas ? then offer intermediate and advanced courses in design and merchandising. Maybe in the future separate concentrations. Don?t want to pigeon hold the program as only design or only merchandising. Open at jr/senior year with many elective options. BA degree. Fashion elective block will take in the intermediate classes from the community college. 64 maximum credits. Spring get together with Matt (ASU), Kris (NAU), Felcia (UA), Nancy (Pima), Evonne? or Sylvia?s replacement DRAFTING a common course matrix.

NAU Do not anticipate any changes until the entire NAU goes through review in 18 months. Interdepartmentally putting everything on hold. No fine arts in our program. In addition to Textiles, possibly action principles or merchandising fundamentals. Nancy had talked about possible transfer certificate from Pima to NAU (one is short in event planning and styling and within that certificate we offer intro to fashion design or mkt140 and 1 credit internship for a 10 credit internship. I will be glad to talk with Pima specifically about their certificate program. Please send me an email at and I'll visit with you.

Maricopa updating CFS courses.
Pima working on a couple of new certificates. Event planning and styling and Advanced Certificate in Fashion Design. Education master plan at Pima. Not sure how the different departments will align. Recommendation that Fashion Design and Merchandising and Digital Arts under same umbrella at West campus - difficult to say.

CAC ? early childhood working through other ATF and with first things first to align curriculum with early childhood work competencies. Scholarship money for those working with early childhood or related fields.

Nancy recommended a visit from ASU to Pima to talk about the transfer. Private schools from CA area always out recruiting. UA used to do this, but they are not taking Pima students into their program. Accepting Pima Fashion Design students into their program since Fashion Merchandising (two courses) are aligned with Marketing within the Business Department at Downtown Campus. Fashion Merchandising at Pima is a separate degree / area from Fashion Design which is within the Art Department at West Campus.

Alpurna says Phx College has new transfer center. At very least it would be helpful to have information sheets in the transfer center. coordinator of transfer center. Send information to her electronically.
CEG changes : None  
ASSIST Report Comments : ASSIST data is still unclear (are they accurate, what do they mean, how are they being used)?  
Other Comments :  

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