ATF Meeting Report
April 01, 2016   Virtual

Originator: Kelly Robles
Submitter: Kelly Robles  
Date Created: 04/06/2016           Date Submitted: 04/06/2016           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   AZTransfer Staff   Maricopa Community Colleges   University of Arizona    
Virtual Attendance : All attendees were virtual.  
Next Fall Meeting Date : TBD  
Meeting Time : 10:00am  
Location : Virtual  
Meeting Type : Virtual (Online or Teleconference)  
Meeting Chair : Liz George  
Meeting Host : Virtual  
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No Data Changes : No Changes Needed  
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Issues Raised : The Dance ATF will be deciding one of three actions: (1) to continue to meet as an ATF, (2) propose disestablisment to the Steering Committee, or (3) propose conversion to a Community of Interest.  
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Other Comments : ? Kelly introduced herself and gave general information about ATF in addition to talking about new format using technology for efficiency.
? Kelly talked about how Dance doesn't necessarily meet standard ATF format because the discipline does not have a Common Course Matrix, shared pathways, or an Exam Equivalency Guide.
? Met last in 2012 and records show that ATF started to try to officially meet in 2008
? The group in 2012 requested that we disband the ATF, but were told that we should continue to schedule meetings and cancel them if an agenda were not warranted. Kelly has reviewed the bylaws and found that an ATF can officially request to be disestablished. This process must be agreed upon by the ATF and submitted for review and approval by the AZTransfer Steering Committee.
? ASU mentioned low numbers, and no common course core
? Kelly showed us the data and numbers of transfer students in dance identifying only small numbers of students transferring from Arizona community colleges to the three state universities in dance.
? Maricopa community colleges mentioned the challenges of transferring to ASU because it generally takes students an additional year ? most of their students transfer out of state to Utah, California, or Texas. Some will transfer to Grand Canyon University.
? SCC mentioned that maybe 1 student in the last 10 years has gotten into the U of A so the numbers are low all the way around
? Kelly offered the option of AzTransfer Summit as a venue where Dance faculty could still connect on an annual basis.
? U of A mentioned the forums that already exist AZDEO and NDEO where often many of the Arizona dance faculty get to connect
? ASU mentioned that because both ASU and U of A are BFA programs that it is sometimes hard for students to transition
? Discussion about how ASU program is not aligned with Maricopa Community Colleges
? U of A mentioned that we have worked closely with Pima in the development of their program. Although the numbers are still low we have similar coursework in the first 2 years.
? Kelly asked if there was a motion to disestablish and the consensus seemed that the representatives wanted to take it back to their faculty
? A concern was brought up about what disbanding would mean for the community colleges
? Kelly offered to check with Maricopa Curriculum representative (Rose) and Pima Community College (Jennie Conway) about this concern
? Kelly mentioned the possibility of converting to a Community of Interest as a third option. Communities of Interest are also managed by AZTransfer and function similarly to ATFs without the formal structure. There are currently COIs in Sustainability, Honors, Social Justice, and Development Education.
? U of A mentioned that this seemed to possibly be a more efficient option
? Kelly concluded that she would talk with Rose and summarize our options for continuing for as an ATF, disbanding, or changing to a Community of Interest. Kelly will send an email out to the group with the three options and call for a vote.

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