ATF Meeting Report
October 02, 2015   Mesa Community College

Originator: Kathy Silberman
Submitter: Helena Babiski  
Date Created: 11/05/2015           Date Submitted: 11/18/2015           Status: Approved
Attendance : Arizona State University   Arizona Western College   AZTransfer Staff   Central Arizona College   Cochise College   Coconino Community College   DinĂ© College   Eastern Arizona College   Maricopa Community Colleges   Mohave Community College   Northern Arizona University   Northland Pioneer College   Pima Community College   University of Arizona   Yavapai College    
Next Fall Meeting Date : October 7, 2016  
Meeting Time : 10 am-1 pm  
Location : Mesa Community College  
Meeting Type : Hybrid (both In Person and Online)  
Meeting Chair : Gingher Leyendecker  
Meeting Host : Sarah Capawana  
Spring Meeting Information :  
No Data Changes : Yes - ATF Requested Changes  
Note :  
Changes to Majors on Common Course Matrix : See matrix/ As per 10/15/15 email from Christopher Johnson (NAU) to Kathy Silberman (MCCCD, AZ Transfer Facilitator): Add NAU Visual Communication (Graphic Design) and add NAU Visual Communication (Motion Design).

See matrix/As per meeting notes and 10/6/15 email from Ashley Rubin (UA) to Kathy Silberman (MCCCD): Delete UA BFA Studio Art, Delete UA BFA Art Education, Add UA BFA Studio Art (2D), Add UA BFA Studio Art (3D and Extended Media), Add UA BFA Studio Art (Illustration and Design), Add UA BFA Studio Art (Photography), Add UA Art Education (Teaching), Add UA Art Education (Community Museum)  
Changes to Common Courses :  
Changes to Exam Matrix : CAC ATF member needs to check with colleagues on AP exam scores 3 and 4.

See matrices for changes to AP studio, AP art history, and DSST

Arizona Western is the only school without Drawing listed, but it was voted on and approved to add and should reflect by next meeting.  
AGEC Information :  
Record of the Votes :  
Issues Raised : Sue Tatterson (CAC) interested in starting new ATF for Graphic Design-currently considering different course prefixes due to transfer issues of graphic art courses. Kathy Silberman (MCCCD, AZ transfer facilitator) sent her link on 11/10/15 for the form to propose new ATF, recommended emailing ATF listserv to get other institutions involved.  
Curriculum Planning : As per 10/5/15 email from Christopher Johnson (NAU) to Kathy Silberman (MCCCD, AZ Transfer facilitator) NAU Visual Communication is doing a curriculum revision: deleting interactive design emphasis and adding motion design.  
CEG changes : ART111 at Mohave CC = ART100E & 100G at UA

All Fine Art courses at Dine' College are blank for UA and NAU. Dine's ATF member said Dine's registrar will send electronically.  
ASSIST Report Comments :  
Other Comments : TOCC not represented at the meeting. Kathy Silberman (MCCCD, AZ Transfer facilitator) will follow up with TOCC facilitator to see if there are any art-related changes.

Community Colleges need to determine exam equivalencies for Cambridge International Exams by next year's ATF meeting. Kathy Silberman (MCCCD) sent email to ATF listserv with both art CIE matrices, CIE syllabus and background info on 11/2/15  

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