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September 27, 2019
Cochise College

Audio & Visual Meeting:

Audio Only:
(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 202 270 743

Michael Roberts, NAU

Karen Dale, Cochise

Randy Fox, Cochise

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Elevation 2019
6th Annual AZTransfer Summit
April 4-5 | We-Ko-Pa Resort | Scottsdale, AZ

Registration: https://www.aztransfer.com/summit/registration/

2019 Arizona Transfer Awards
Information: https://aztransfer.com/award/
Nomination Deadline: February 15



  AWC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR)
  AWC Automotive Technology (AUT)
  AWC Civil Engineering Technology (CET)
  AWC Construction Trades Management (CTM)
  AWC Drafting (DFT)
  AWC Electrical Construction Trades (ECT)
  AWC Geospatial Technology (GST)
  AWC Manufacturing (MFG)
  AWC Plumbing Construction Trades (PCT)
  AWC Solar (SLR)
  AWC Technology (TEC)
  AWC Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  AWC Welding (WLD)
  CAC Associated General Contractors (AGC)
  CAC Automotive/Diesel (AUT)
  CAC Civil Technology (CET)
  CAC Construction Forestry Technology (CFE)
  CAC Carpentry (CRP)
  CAC Drafting (DFT)
  CAC Diesel/Heavy Equipment (DIE)
  CAC Drywall (DWL)
  CAC Electricity (ELC)
  CAC Electronics (ELT)
  CAC Fire Science Technology (FSC)
  CAC Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  CAC Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO)
  CAC Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)
  CAC Operating Engineers (OEC)
  CAC Renewable Energy Technology (RET)
  CAC Technology (TEC)
  CAC Upholstery (UPH)
  CAC Welding (WLD)
  CCC Automotive (AUT)
  CCC Construction Technology Management (CTM)
  CCC Drafting Technology (DFT)
  CCC Welding Technology (WLD)
  Cochise Automotive Technology (AUT)
  Cochise Building/Construction Technology (BCT)
  Cochise Drafting (DFT)
  Cochise Electronics Technology (ELT)
  Cochise Fire Science (FST)
  Cochise General Technology (GTC)
  Cochise Professional Flight Technology (PFT)
  Cochise Welding Technology (WLD)
  DINE To Be Announced (TBA)
  EAC Automotive Technology (AUT)
  EAC Drafting Principles (DRF)
  EAC Fire Science (FSC)
  EAC Machine Shop Technology (MSP)
  EAC Technical Education (TEC)
  EAC Welding (WLD)
  MCCCD Alternative Energy (AEN)
  MCCCD Aeronautics (AET)
  MCCCD Automated Industrial Technology (AIT)
  MCCCD Automated Manufacturing Systems (AMS)
  MCCCD Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT)
  MCCCD Architecture (ARC)
  MCCCD Building Safety & Construction Technology (BLT)
  MCCCD Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
  MCCCD Civil Engineering Technology (CET)
  MCCCD Construction (CNS)
  MCCCD Construction (CON)
  MCCCD Drafting Technology (DFT)
  MCCCD Electricity (ELC)
  MCCCD Electronic (ELE)
  MCCCD Electronics Technology (ELT)
  MCCCD Facilities Management (FAC)
  MCCCD General Technology (GTC)
  MCCCD Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVA)
  MCCCD Manufacturing Technology (MET)
  MCCCD Manufacturing (MFG)
  MCCCD Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT)
  MCCCD Micro and Nano Technology (MNT)
  MCCCD Networking Technology (NET)
  MCCCD Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
  MCCCD Quality Control Technology (QCT)
  MCCCD Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT)
  MCCCD Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  MCCCD Welding Technology (WLD)
  MCCCD Water Resource Technology (WRT)
  Mohave Automotive Collision Repair Technology (ACT)
  Mohave Automotive Service Technology (ASE)
  Mohave Building Trades (BTR)
  Mohave Electrician (ELC)
  Mohave Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVA)
  Mohave Welding (WLD)
  NPC Electronics and Electricity (ELC)
  PCC Engineering (ENG)
  Yavapai Automotive (AUT)
  Yavapai Aviation (AVT)
  Yavapai Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  Yavapai Electrical Technician (ELT)
  Yavapai Gunsmithing (GST)
  Yavapai Industrial Plant Technician (IPT)
  Yavapai Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)
  Yavapai Motorcycle Technology (MTC)
  Yavapai Welding (WLD)


  ASU Aeronautical Management Technology (AMT)
  ASU Engineering Technology Core (ETC)
  ASU Graphic Information Technology (GIT)
  ASU Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)
  ASU Operations Management Technology (OMT)
  ASU Technology Management Core (TMC)
  ASU Microelectronics Engineering Technology (UET)
  NAU Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Poly Aeronautical Management Technology: Air Transportation Management (BS)
  ASU Poly Aeronautical Management Technology: Professional Flight (BS)
  ASU Poly Air Traffic Management (BS)
  ASU Poly Applied Science (Aviation) (BAS) See catalog for various AAS to BAS degree programs offered.
  ASU Poly Electronics Engineering Technology (Alternative Energy Technologies) (BS)
  ASU Poly Electronics Engineering Technology (Electronic Systems) (BS)
  ASU Poly Electronics Engineering Technology (Integrated Electronic Systems) (BS)
  ASU Poly Graphic Information Technology (BS) PHY 101 and CHM 101 preferred
  ASU Poly Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
  ASU Poly Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Mechanical) (BS)
  ASU Poly Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
  ASU Poly Mechanical Engineering Technology (Aeronautical Engineering Technology) (BS)
  ASU Poly Mechanical Engineering Technology (Automation Engineering Technology) (BS)
  ASU Poly Mechanical Engineering Technology (Automotive) (BS)
  NAU Career & Technical Education 90-30 (Business and Marketing Emphasis) (BSED)
  NAU Construction Management (BS)
  NAU-Statewide & Online Applied Science - Industrial Technology Management (BAS)
  NAU-Statewide & Online Applied Science - Technology Management (BAS)
  NAU-Statewide & Online Interdisciplinary Studies - Technology Management 90-30 (B)
  UA South Applied Science: Informatics (BAS)
  UA South Cyber Operations (BAS)


Email All Members: AZTEKATF@ASU.EDU

Nicholas Alozie, Arizona State University
Lee Altman, Arizona Western College
Scott Brown, Cochise College
James Busch, Central Arizona College
Susan Campbell, Glendale Community College
Glenda Chagolla, Glendale Community College
Brent Couch, Central Arizona College
Richard Cuprak, Rio Salado College
Linda Denno, University of Arizona
Timothy Foster, Tohono O'odham Community College
Randy Fox, Cochise College
Fernando Garcia, Glendale Community College
Jason Gee, Mohave Community College
Doug Griffin, Eastern Arizona College
Nicole Hampton, Northern Arizona University
Richard Hartley, Yavapai College
Jim Helm, Arizona State University
Garrett Hurt, Central Arizona College
Clarence (Mike) Hutto, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Kenneth Keith, Northland Pioneer College
James Kenney, GateWay Community College
Catherine Kerrey, Arizona State University
Mehrzad Khorsandi, Mesa Community College
Wesley King, Northland Pioneer College
Michael Kuzmik, Scottsdale Community College
Pete Lomeli, Central Arizona College
Cien Luke, AZTransfer Staff
Joseph Martinez, Mesa Community College
John Morgan, Yavapai College
Ken Myers, Coconino Community College
JD Neglia, Mesa Community College
Eddie Ong, Phoenix College
Frank Perkins, Estrella Mountain Community College
Frank Pinnell, Northland Pioneer College
Michael Roberts, Northern Arizona University
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer Staff
Jeremy Spencer, Northern Arizona University
John Tingerthal, Northern Arizona University
Rick Vaughn, Rio Salado College
Todd Verch, Mesa Community College
Carl Whitesel, South Mountain Community College
Sarah Wieland, University of Arizona
Kenneth Wilk, Northland Pioneer College
Greg Wilson, Pima Community College