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September 18, 2020

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Audio & Visual Meeting:

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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 938 4544 6250

Chase Moore, Eastern

Patti Schlosberg, Yavapai

Angela Poland, Yavapai

Christopher Scinto, PVCC

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Update: Fall 2020 ATF Meetings
The AZTransfer Steering Committee met on June 4 and unanimously agreed that all AZTransfer ATF meetings will be held virtually through the remainder of 2020. This includes all discipline-specific ATFs as well as the Admissions & Records ATF, Academic Advising ATF, General Education ATF, AZTransfer Executive Committee, and AZTransfer Steering Committee.

Meeting information will be updated on each ATF portal page. Meeting participants will also receive an email with details on how to participate virtually 30 days prior to the meeting.


  AWC Music (MUS)
  CAC Entertainment Industry Technology (EIT)
  CAC Music: History/Literature (MHL)
  CAC Music: Theory/Composition (MTC)
  CAC Music: Performance (MUP)
  CCC Music: Performance (MUP)
  CCC Music (MUS)
  Cochise Music (MUS)
  EAC Music (MUS)
  MCCCD Music: History/Literature (MHL)
  MCCCD Music: Theory/Composition (MTC)
  MCCCD Music: Commercial/Business (MUC)
  MCCCD Music: Education (MUE)
  MCCCD Music: Performance (MUP)
  Mohave Music (MUS)
  NPC Music (MUS)
  PCC Music Performance (MUP)
  PCC Music (MUS)
  Yavapai Music (MUS)


  ASU Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance (IAP)
  ASU Music History/Literature (MHL)
  ASU Music Theory and Composition (MTC)
  ASU Music Education (MUE)
  ASU Music Performance (MUP)
  ASU Music (MUS)
  NAU Music Performance (MUP)
  NAU Music (MUS)
  UA Music (MUS)
  UA Music Individual Studies (MUSI)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Tempe Digital Culture (Music) (BA)
  ASU Tempe Music (BA)
  ASU Tempe Music (Music and Culture) (BA)
  ASU Tempe Music Education (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Music Therapy (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Collaborative Piano) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Guitar) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Jazz) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Keyboard) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Music Theatre) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Orchestral Instrument) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Performance (Voice) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Theory and Composition (Composition) (BMUS)
  ASU Tempe Theory and Composition (Theory) (BMUS)
  ASU Music Performance(Collaborative Piano, Guitar, Jazz, Keyboard, Music Theatre, (BMUS)
  NAU Music (BA)
  NAU Music Performance (Instrumental) (BMUS)
  NAU Music Performance (Vocal) (BMUS)
  NAU Music Secondary Education - Choral Emphasis (BMED)
  NAU Music Secondary Education - Instrumental Emphasis (BMED)
  UA Music (BA) (4 options - Instrumental Studies; Vocal Studies; Theory, History and Criticism or Integrated Studies)
  UA Music (Creative Studies Concentration) (BA)
  UA Music (Musicology, Ethnomusicology, & Theory) (BA)
  UA Music Education (BMUS)
  UA Music Education, Voice (choral) or Instrumental (BM)
  UA Music Performance, Voice (choral) or Instrumental (BM)



Janine Adkins, Rio Salado College
Franklin Alvarez, Eastern Arizona College
Tanya Biami, Cochise College
David Boulton, University of Arizona
Gideon Burrows, Eastern Arizona College
Carol Christofferson, Pima Community College
Geoff DeSpain, Eastern Arizona College
Shirley Ehler, Arizona Western College
Jerome Garrison, South Mountain Community College
Jeffery Kennedy, Arizona State University (West)
Lori Keyne, Cochise College
Heather Landes, Arizona State University
Richard Lerman, Arizona State University
Steven Loss, Mohave Community College
Brian Luce, University of Arizona
Chase Moore, Eastern Arizona College
Craig Peterson, Mesa Community College
Shawn Pollard, Arizona Western College
Brett Reed, Paradise Valley Community College
Adam Roberts, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Karl Schindler, Phoenix College
Marg Schmidt, Arizona State University
Christopher Scinto, Paradise Valley Community College
Don Smith, Glendale Community College
Mike Solomonson, Northland Pioneer College
Rick Stamer, Northern Arizona University
Adam Stich, Scottsdale Community College
Chris Tenney, Yavapai College