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September 22, 2017
Pima CC - Downtown Campus, Roosevelt Building
Meeting time: 10:00am -1:00pm Meeting Room- RV Building 170
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David Rubi, PVCC

Kathy Silberman, Maricopa

Patricia Figueroa, Pima

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  AWC Arabic (ARB)
  AWC American Sign Language (ASL)
  AWC French (FRE)
  AWC German (GER)
  AWC Spanish (SPA)
  CAC Chinese (CHI)
  CAC French (FRE)
  CAC Italian (ITA)
  CAC Japanese (JPN)
  CAC Latin (LAT)
  CAC Portuguese (POR)
  CAC Russian (RUS)
  CAC Sign Language (SLG)
  CAC Spanish (SPA)
  CCC American Sign Language (ASL)
  CCC French (FRE)
  CCC German (GER)
  CCC Italian (ITA)
  CCC Interpreter Training (ITP)
  CCC Japanese (JPN)
  CCC Navajo (NAV)
  CCC Spanish (SPA)
  Cochise American Sign Language (ASL)
  Cochise Spanish (SPA)
  DINE Navajo (NAV)
  EAC Apache (APA)
  EAC American Sign Language (ASL)
  EAC French (FRE)
  EAC German (GER)
  EAC Russian (RUS)
  EAC Spanish (SPA)
  MCCCD Arabic Humanities (AHU)
  MCCCD Arabic (ARB)
  MCCCD Chinese (CHI)
  MCCCD Foreign Language Acquisition (FLA)
  MCCCD French (FRE)
  MCCCD German (GER)
  MCCCD Greek (GRK)
  MCCCD Hebrew (HBR)
  MCCCD Hebrew (HEB)
  MCCCD Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP)
  MCCCD Italian (ITA)
  MCCCD Italian Humanities (ITH)
  MCCCD Japanese (JPN)
  MCCCD Latin (LAT)
  MCCCD Navajo (NAV)
  MCCCD Navajo Humanities (NVH)
  MCCCD Pima (PIM)
  MCCCD Portuguese (POR)
  MCCCD Russian (RUS)
  MCCCD Studies in Language and Culture (SLC)
  MCCCD Sign Language (SLG)
  MCCCD Spanish (SPA)
  MCCCD Spanish Humanities (SPH)
  MCCCD Translation & Interpretation (TRS)
  Mohave American Sign Language (ASL)
  Mohave English (ENG)
  Mohave Spanish (SPA)
  NPC French (FRE)
  NPC German (GER)
  NPC Languages (Apache, Navajo & Sign Language) (LAN)
  NPC Spanish (SPA)
  PCC Arabic (ARB)
  PCC American Sign Language (ASL)
  PCC Chinese (CHI)
  PCC French (FRE)
  PCC German (GER)
  PCC Italian (ITA)
  PCC Interpreter Training (ITP)
  PCC Japanese (JPN)
  PCC Korean (KOR)
  PCC Spanish (SPA)
  PCC Translation Studies (TRS)
  TOCC Tohono O'odham Language (THO)
  Yavapai American Sign Language (ASL)
  Yavapai Spanish (SPA)


  ASU Arabic (ARB)
  ASU Serbo-Croatian (BCS)
  ASU Chinese (CHI)
  ASU French (FRE)
  ASU German (GER)
  ASU Ancient Greek (GRK)
  ASU Hebrew (HEB)
  ASU Indonesian (IDN)
  ASU Italian (ITA)
  ASU Japanese (JPN)
  ASU Korean (KOR)
  ASU Latin (LAT)
  ASU Macedonian (MAK)
  ASU Mandarin (MDN)
  ASU Portuguese (POR)
  ASU Romanian (ROM)
  ASU Russian (RUS)
  ASU American Sign Language (SHS)
  ASU Slavic (SLV)
  ASU Spanish (SPA)
  ASU Thai (THA)
  ASU Vietnamese (VTN)
  NAU Arabic (ARB)
  NAU Chinese (CHI)
  NAU French (FRE)
  NAU German (GER)
  NAU Greek (GRK)
  NAU Italian (ITA)
  NAU Japanese (JPN)
  NAU Modern Languages (LAN)
  NAU Latin (LAT)
  NAU Navajo (NAV)
  NAU Russian (RUS)
  NAU Spanish (SPA)
  UA Chinese Studies (CHN)
  UA Classics (CLAS)
  UA East Asian Studies (EAS)
  UA French (FREN)
  UA German (GER)
  UA Greek (GRK)
  UA Italian (ITAL)
  UA Japanese Studies (JPN)
  UA Judaic Studies (JUS)
  UA Latin American Studies (LAS)
  UA Latin American Studies (UA South) (LASV)
  UA Latin (LAT)
  UA Linguistics (LING)
  UA Portuguese (PORT)
  UA Russian & Slavic Studies (RSSS)
  UA Spanish (SPAN)
  UA Spanish (UA South) (SPNV)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Tempe Asian Languages (Chinese) (BA)
  ASU Tempe Asian Languages (Japanese) (BA)
  ASU Tempe French (BA)
  ASU Tempe German (BA)
  ASU Tempe International Letters and Cultures (BA)
  ASU Tempe International Letters and Cultures (Classical Civilization Concentration) (BA)
  ASU Tempe International Letters and Cultures (Classics Concentration) (BA)
  ASU Tempe Italian (BA)
  ASU Tempe Russian (BA)
  ASU Tempe Spanish (BA)
  ASU Secondary Education (French) (B.A.E.)
  ASU Secondary Education (German) (B.A.E.)
  ASU Secondary Education (Japanese) (B.A.E.)
  ASU Secondary Education (Spanish) (B.A.E.)
  ASU West Spanish (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (French Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (French Interdisciplinary Global Program Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (German Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (German Interdisciplinary Global Program Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (Spanish Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Modern Languages (Spanish Interdisciplinary Global Program Emphasis) (BA)
  NAU Secondary Education - French (BSED)
  NAU Secondary Education - German (BSED)
  NAU Secondary Education - Spanish (BSED)
  NAU Spanish (BA)
  UA Classics (BA)
  UA Classics: Latin (BA)
  UA East Asian Studies (BA)
  UA French (BA)
  UA German Studies (BA)
  UA Greek (BA)
  UA Italian (BA)
  UA Linguistics (BA)
  UA Russian (BA)
  UA Spanish (BA)


Email All Members: AZFLAATF@ASU.EDU

James "JT" Abraham, Glendale Community College
Souad T. Ali, Arizona State University
Raymond Baesler, Glendale Community College
Brian Beeles, Arizona Western College
Cynthia Bingham, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Guiomar Borras, Glendale Community College
Amelia Bowdell, Arizona Western College
Giuseppe Candela, Arizona State University
Malcolm Compitello, University of Arizona
Guadalupe Cruikshank, Pima Community College
Tonka Curtis, Eastern Arizona College
Erin Eichelberger, Pima Community College
Angela Felix, Rio Salado College
Jeffrey Gabbitas, Pima Community College
Amalia Garzon, Northern Arizona University
Ronald Geronimo, Tohono O'odham Community College
Ron Geronimo, Tohono O'odham Community College
Richard Harris, Northland Pioneer College
Karen Hindhede, Central Arizona College
Ed Hood, Northern Arizona University
Pamela Howard, Arizona State University
Catherine Kerrey, Arizona State University
Curtis Kleinman, Yavapai College
Barbara Kosta, University of Arizona
Barbara Lafford, Arizona State University
Thuy-Kim Le, Arizona State University
Alice (Allie) Marino, Mesa Community College
Maria Martell, Mesa Community College
Jacqueline Martinez, Arizona State University
Martha Martinez, Arizona Western College
Susanlee Martino, Mohave Community College
Bryan McBride, Eastern Arizona College
Phillip Miguel, Tohono O'odham Community College
Phillip Miguel, Tohono O'odham Community College
Michelle Monahan, Phoenix College
Stacie Munger, Cochise College
Ileana Orlich, Arizona State University
Michael Owens, Central Arizona College
Michelle Petersen, Arizona State University
John Prevost, Central Arizona College
Bel Quiros-Winemiller, Glendale Community College
Guillermo Retana, Cochise College
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer Staff
Maria Cecilia Rosales, Estrella Mountain Community College
David Rubi, Paradise Valley Community College
Trino Sandoval, Phoenix College
Albert Shank, Scottsdale Community College
Tomoko Shimomura, Arizona State University
Danko Sipka, Arizona State University
Jesse Smith, Cochise College
Peter Suwarno, Arizona State University
Koji Tanno, Arizona State University
Cynthia Tompkins, Arizona State University
Audra Travelbee, Northern Arizona University
Michael Tueller, Arizona State University
Ebru Turker, Arizona State University
Gene Oj. A. Vecenti, Dine College
Claudia Villegas-Silva, Arizona State University
Juliann Vitullo, Arizona State University
Anne Walton-Ramirez, Arizona State University
Chantelle Warner, University of Arizona
Cynthia White, University of Arizona
Jennifer Woolston, Mohave Community College
Jessica Zeitler, Pima Community College
Guillermo (Bill) Zepeda, South Mountain Community College
Xia Zhang, Arizona State University