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October 11, 2019
Chandler-Gilbert Community College-Pecos

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(669) 900-6833 or (646) 876-9923
Meeting Code: 124 849 852

James Baygents, UA

Jennie Lee Voyce, Central

Bassam Matar, CGCC

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Elevation 2019
6th Annual AZTransfer Summit
April 4-5 | We-Ko-Pa Resort | Scottsdale, AZ

Registration: https://www.aztransfer.com/summit/registration/

2019 Arizona Transfer Awards
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Nomination Deadline: February 15



  AWC Engineering (EGR)
  AWC Systems and Industrial Engineering (SIE)
  CAC Automotive/Diesel (AUT)
  CAC Building Trades Technology (BTT)
  CAC Carpentry (CRP)
  CAC Drywall (DWL)
  CAC Engineering (EGR)
  CAC Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)
  CAC Operating Engineers (OEC)
  CAC Renewable Energy Technology (RET)
  CCC Drafting Technology (DFT)
  CCC Engineering (EGR)
  Cochise Drafting (DFT)
  Cochise Engineering (EGR)
  DINE Engineering (EGR)
  EAC Computer Science (CMP)
  EAC Drafting Principles (DRF)
  EAC Engineering (EGR)
  MCCCD Engineering Science (ECE)
  MCCCD Electrical Engineering (EEE)
  Mohave Engineering (EGR)
  Mohave Mining Engineering (MNE)
  NPC Electronics and Electricity (ELC)
  NPC Photography Technology (PHO)
  PCC Engineering (ENG)
  Yavapai Engineering (EGR)


  ASU Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET)
  ASU Bioengineering (BME)
  ASU Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
  ASU Computer Engineering Technology (CET)
  ASU Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  ASU Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  ASU Electrical Engineering (EEE)
  ASU Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)
  ASU Engineering (EGR)
  ASU Environmental Technology Management (ETM)
  ASU Fulton School of Engineering (FSE)
  ASU Industrial Engineering (IEE)
  ASU Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
  ASU Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
  ASU Software Engineering (SER)
  NAU Civil and Environmental Engineering (CENE)
  NAU Construction Management (CM)
  NAU Computer Science (CS)
  NAU Electrical Engineering (EE)
  NAU Engineering (EGR)
  NAU Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  UA Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (AME)
  UA Architectural Engineering (ARCE)
  UA Biosystems Engineering (BE)
  UA Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  UA Civil Engineering (CE)
  UA Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CHEE)
  UA Electrical & Computer Science (ECE)
  UA Engineering (ENGR)
  UA Geological Engineering (GEN)
  UA Mining Engineering (MNE)
  UA Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
  UA Optical Sciences and Engineering (OPTI)
  UA Systems & Industrial Engineering (SIE)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Tempe Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics) (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Chemical Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Civil Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Computer Systems Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Construction Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Electrical Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Engineering Management (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Industrial Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Materials Science & Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Tempe Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Poly Engineering (BSE)
  ASU Poly Manufacturing Engineering (BS)
  NAU Civil Engineering (BS)
  NAU Electrical Engineering (BS)
  NAU Environmental Engineering (BS)
  NAU Mechanical Engineering (BS)
  UA Aerospace Engineering (BS in Aerospace Engineering)
  UA Architectural Engineering (BS in Architectural Engineering)
  UA Biomedical Engineering (BS in Biomedical Engineering)
  UA Biosystems Engineering (BS in Biosystems Engineering)
  UA Chemical Engineering (BS in Chemical Engineering)
  UA Civil Engineering (BS in Civil Engineering)
  UA Electrical & Computer Engineering (BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  UA Engineering Management (BS in Engineering Management)
  UA Environmental Engineering (BS in Environmental Engineering)
  UA Industrial Engineering (BS in Industrial Engineering)
  UA Materials Science & Engineering (BS in Materials Science & Engineering)
  UA Mechanical Engineering (BS in Mechanical Engineering)
  UA Mining Engineering (BS in Mining Engineering)
  UA Optical Sciences and Engineering (BS in Optical Sciences and Engineering)
  UA Systems Engineering (BS in Systems Engineering)


Email All Members: AZEASATF@ASU.EDU

Cody Anderson, Scottsdale Community College
James Baygents, University of Arizona
Michelle Breaux, Estrella Mountain Community College
James Collofello, Arizona State University
Russell Cox, Mohave Community College
Richard Cuprak, Rio Salado College
Casey Durandet, Paradise Valley Community College
Tim Frank, Glendale Community College
Paul Gremillion, Northern Arizona University
Kenneth Keith, Northland Pioneer College
Wesley King, Northland Pioneer College
Silvia Kolchens, Pima Community College
Cien Luke, AZTransfer Staff
Oleksandr Makeyev, Dine College
Philip Martinez, Coconino Community College
Bassam Matar, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Joseph McCollough, University of Arizona
Hesam Moghaddam, Northern Arizona University
Iordanis Moustakidis, Arizona Western College
Nichole Neal, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Armineh Noravian, Central Arizona College
Eddie Ong, Phoenix College
Rick Peters, Yavapai College
Frank Pinnell, Northland Pioneer College
Marisa Pope-Malings, University of Arizona
Kelly Ratliff, University of Arizona
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer Staff
Alexander Shayevich, Pima Community College
Jim Sizemore, Mesa Community College
John Tester, Northern Arizona University
Rick Vaughn, Rio Salado College
Carl Whitesel, South Mountain Community College