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September 29, 2017
Glendale CC
Meeting time: 12:00pm -3:00pm Location: Student Union in Room SU-104ABC
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Paul E Smolenyak, Yavapai

Jennifer Shumway, Mohave

Lisa Jayne, Northland

Joseph Springer, Glendale

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  AWC Chemistry (CHM)
  CAC Chemistry (CHM)
  CCC Chemistry (CHM)
  Cochise Chemistry (CHM)
  DINE Chemistry (CHM)
  EAC Chemistry (CHM)
  MCCCD Chemistry (CHM)
  Mohave Chemistry (CHM)
  NPC Chemistry (CHM)
  PCC Chemistry (CHM)
  TOCC Chemistry (CHM)
  Yavapai Chemistry (CHM)


  ASU Chemistry (CHM)
  NAU Chemistry (CHM)
  UA Chemistry (CHEM)

The degrees listed here include all university degrees associated with this ATF discipline. For a list of Shared Majors and their identified common courses click on the Common Course Matrix links.
  ASU Tempe Biochemistry (BS)
  ASU Tempe Biochemistry (BA)
  ASU Tempe Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) (BS)
  ASU Tempe Chemistry (BA)
  ASU Tempe Chemistry (BS)
  ASU Tempe Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry) (BS)
  ASU Tempe Secondary Education (Chemistry) (BAE)
  NAU Chemistry (Biochemistry ACS Emphasis) (BS)
  NAU Chemistry (Chemistry ACS Emphasis) (BS)
  NAU Chemistry (Chemistry Advanced Emphasis) (BS)
  NAU Chemistry (Forensics & Criminalistics Emphasis) (BS)
  NAU Chemistry (Health Preprofessional Emphasis) (BS)
  NAU Secondary Education-Chemistry (BSED)
  UA Biochemistry (BS)
  UA Biochemistry (BA)
  UA Chemistry (BA)
  UA Chemistry (BS)


Email All Members: AZCHMATF@ASU.EDU

Rich Bauer, Arizona State University
Michael Begaye, Dine College
Rowshan Begum, Cochise College
Dee Belle-Oudry, University of Arizona
Tsuhen (Michelle) Chang, GateWay Community College
Brandon Cruickshank, Northern Arizona University
Megan Cunnington, University of Arizona
Girija Dasmahapatra, Coconino Community College
Duane DeSpain, Eastern Arizona College
Scott Donnelly, Arizona Western College
Farah Farah, Mohave Community College
Thomas Hodgkins, Northland Pioneer College
B Jagadish, Central Arizona College
Anne Jones, Arizona State University
Colleen Kelley, Pima Community College
Catherine Kerrey, Arizona State University
Robert Killin, Arizona Western College
Shawn Korman, Rio Salado College
Debbie Leedy, Glendale Community College
Fiona Lihs, Estrella Mountain Community College
Eric Lodge, Cochise College
Pamela Marks, Arizona State University
Bruce Martin, Central Arizona College
Scott Massey, Paradise Valley Community College
Relindis Mawo, Scottsdale Community College
Phil McBride, Eastern Arizona College
Michael McFavilen, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Valentina Nedelkova, Mesa Community College
Teresa Newberry, Tohono O'odham Community College
Suman Parajuli, Arizona Western College
Kelly Robles, AZTransfer Staff
Gino Romeo, Yavapai College
Phil Root, Scottsdale Community College
Ann Scarbrough, South Mountain Community College
Jennifer Shumway, Mohave Community College
Paul E Smolenyak, Yavapai College
Joseph Springer, Glendale Community College
Melanie Stull, Arizona State University
Carl Wagner, Arizona State University
James White, Phoenix College
Pollyanna Wikrent, Pima Community College